Pet Policy

Pet Policy

We are happy to accept two pets (dogs) in the bungalow free of charge, provided they have well behaved, responsible owners!

Plas Talgarth is a timeshare owned Health & Country Club.
Only timeshare owners are allowed to take pets to the resort.

However, as this bungalow is privately owned we can allow pets but only on the understanding that the following rules are adhered to:-

1. Advise at the time of booking, how many pets you will be bringing, including name, type & breed.

2. Ensure that your pet(s) have been vaccinated within the last 12 months & that their tick & flea treatment is up to date.
There are sheep quite close by and for the comfort of all our guests we do not want an infestation of fleas in the property.

3. Dogs, when on the site, should remain on a lead at all times, no longer than 2 metres in length.

4. Pets are not allowed in any of the public areas of the Resort: Reception, Restaurant, Bar, Village Hall, Children’s Play Area, Outdoor Pool Terrace, Pitch & Putt or any other sports facility.

5. Under no circumstances are pets allowed to access the bedroom areas, or allowed on any of the furniture.

6. If left on their own during the day, and at night, pets should remain in the kitchen area with their own bedding and food & water bowls. Food/water bowls and pet food forks provided.
(Under no circumstances use any crockery or cutlery from the kitchen).

7. When out walking with your dog around the resort some form of 'poop scoop' should be carried at all times. All dog mess is to be disposed of in the receptacles provided at regular intervals all around the site.

8. Timeshare owners at the resort have to register all details of their pets on arrival at reception and are issued with a disc to attach to their pets collar.
Owners of any pet without a disc may be challenged by staff and asked to leave the resort.
If you are approached by staff tell them that you are staying at the privately owned Bungalow 1.
They can then check with me if necessary.

9. Pet owners should follow the rules of the Welsh Countryside and not take their pets across any field where sheep are lambing or where there are cows with calves.